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About us

"The most important element in determining the quality of pet grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer."

Evident by the terrific following she has built, Megan will cheerfully and patiently groom any dog, providing a keen eye towards creativity and precision. Equally comfortable with large or small dogs, long hair or short, Megan's expertise is skillfully demonstrated across a wide range of dogs, from Golden Retrievers to Malamutes, from Chihuahuas to St. Bernards. Megan's proficiency at scissoring and shaping makes her perfect for breeds where extra care is appreciated.
Megan has been an professional groomer for almost 14 years. She has owned both dogs and cats his entire life, and she has a sincere and earnest affection for animals, which is communicated in all her actions. Her warmth is felt by the animal almost instantly and allows Megan to bring out the very best features of a pet's personality and breed. She enjoys a wide and enthusiastic clientele.
For over 14 years, she has established and maintained a practice centered on all breeds of cats & dogz to keep them clean and mat-free. Grooming a cat or dog can be very stressful for your pet. Megan is highly gentle and affectionate; therefore, older and special cats do particularly well in her care.


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